SERVICOM, an acronym for Service Compact with All Nigerians is an initiative of the Federal Government of Nigeria developed out of the consensus emerging from a Special Presidential Retreat on Service Delivery. SERVICOM was established in March 2004 with a focus on improving the quality of life of citizens for better development. The establishment of SERVICOM Office in different Institutions, Ministries and Agencies is a commitment to provide the public service in Nigeria with respect, courtesy, honesty and professionalism. SERVICOM Unit in National Animal Production Research Institute (NAPRI) was established on 21st January 2020 to ensure that the entire Institute staff are committed to efficient and effective quality service delivery. The Unit is meant to ensure that service provision by staff and management goes inline with the vision, mission and core values of the Institute. To this end, SERVICOM Unit humbly appreciate the Executive Director for saddling on it the mandate of improving the standard and quality of services NAPRI delivers to the community and Nigeria as a nation.


The SERVICOM Unit is expected to:

  1. Spearhead the Institute’s Service Delivery Initiative through SERVICOM compliance.
  2. Develop NAPRI Service Charter in-conjunction with the management.
  3. Manage the Institute’s Customer Relation Policy including providing opportunities for customer feedback on services and institute a compliant procedure including Grievance Redress Mechanism for staff and customers.
  4. Promotion of quality assurance and best practices in the Institute’s performance of its functions.
  5. Provide a comprehensive and effective training policy for frontline staff and organize Service Delivery Meetings/Workshops, Seminars and Conferences.
  6. Disseminate best practices and other tips on service delivery improvement periodically
  7. Serve as a link between the Institute and SERVICOM Office (University and National) and is also the Secretariat of the Institute’s Service Delivery Committee, which meets quarterly.
  8. Facilitate a safe and conducive working environment for staff at all levels of service delivery.
  9. Report to the Executive Director on performance against agreed objectives, timescales and budgets quarterly.
  10. Establish project and departmental Key Performance Indicators (KPIs); including the establishment and maintenance of a fully functional and efficient service/help desk. Among many others.


We encourage all our customers and stakeholders to forward feedback in form of complaints, suggestions or compliments to enable us sustain provision of quality services. The Unit will ensure that complaints are well received, acknowledged and resolved professionally. Complaints and suggestions will be treated within ten (10) working days from the date of receipt, and you will be kept informed of the progress.


Dr. Na'imatu Audu Sani (Head SERVICOM Unit)
National Animal Production Research Institute (NAPRI),
PMB 1096, Sokoto road, Shika,
Zaria, Kaduna State.
Phone: 08058422887